What is Halal Travel or Muslim Friendly Holiday

Every step of the experience involves decision-making according to Islamic values in all aspects of travel.

What is a Muslim-friendly holiday you may ask? A Muslim-friendly holiday does not necessarily and only mean going to mosques and Islamic centers it also means keeping within the acceptable boundaries of Islam when you travel. Halal travel is geared towards Muslims and can provide services that are permissible by Islam. A Halal action is anything that is permissible by Allah or commanded by Allah. It is an act that is highly loved by Allah and can be rewarded when done with the correct intention.

Some examples are:

  • choosing non-alcoholic drinks during dinner

  • eating vegetarian or fish options when halal/zabiha food is not available.

When going on a Muslim friendly holiday you have to:

  • be conscious about your surroundings

  • make sure nothing falls under the haram category or impermissible in Islam.

  • ignore hotels with party rooms, bars, and bands.

Each travel destination has numerous halal activities and leisure options for Muslims. They are not necessarily worded as Halal, but as a frequent traveler, I have never found it hard to enjoy my time while on a vacation. There are water activities, kids’ activities, and sightseeing tours which all are halal. Halal travel means looking at all options which do not go against the virtues that Islam teaches.

Each Muslim has different levels of faith and certain standards.

Depending on their connection with Allah and how strongly they feel about Islam, some will compromise on certain things. Others prefer to stick strictly to a purely Halal holiday.

For example:

  • Some will go to a restaurant that serves pork and alcohol, but not have it themselves.

  • Others prefer going to dining places where they don’t serve these items at all.

  • Both can still be under the realms of halal travel since none of the travelers have consumed these items.

Depending on their point of view when it comes to Islam and the level of their faith, Halal travel can have a completely different meaning to each Muslim.

  • Some Muslims prefer to travel to places with no music, places which offer prayer facilities and hijab friendly activities.

  • They prefer to keep their entire holiday strictly according to Islamic values, such as visiting mosques, only going to restaurants where they serve no alcohol, and only halal food.

  • Creating a halal environment is important to them and maintaining that includes going to hotels and resorts which cater to Muslims.

  • Halal travel environment can include a positive and friendly attitude towards Muslim travelers and cater to their needs.

  • Countries that accept Muslims and understand their needs can make a Muslim friendly much more enjoyable.

The world is filled with endless travel destinations that take our breath away. My husband and I love to travel and every few months we find ourselves planning the next getaway. As Muslims, we never limit our travel options, but instead, we find Muslim friendly options everywhere we go.

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