VILLA or RESORT For a Holiday Post Covid-19

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

It is time to explore our accomodation options for a flawless holiday in our post coronavirus world of travel.

Whether you are traveling on a budget or seek to indulge in the luxuries of life, HalalTravels has you covered with different choices of accommodation.

Covid - 19 has imposed changes to our behavior. We have to maintain social distancing and we will naturally try to minimise points of contact (touchpoints). In light of this new reality, we have selected ten important criteria that will help us evaluate the pros & cons of two accomodation options namely villas and resorts.

Depending on what our priority is, the following table will help us visualize what option will serve our needs.

There are different travel scenarios and some very unique and excellent options of both villas and resorts so in the following paragraphs, we will delve deeper into evaluating some options to allow our customers to make a very informed decision.

Traveling with family? Do you have children traveling with you? How many? And their ages?

Family travelers, especially with children, choose villas. It offers spacious rooms for larger families and all family members will get a chance to enjoy because of the complete privacy that villas offer. Resorts do have amenities and a wider choice of food but certain members of the family will be excluded from all the fun due to privacy issues.

Staying at a villa definitely reduces the stressful and judgemental glances of strangers when children especially younger ones are doing what they do best…. playing, screaming and just having fun.

If privacy is not an issue and if space is not a constraint, then staying close to the beach and waking up to beautiful and restful sounds of the waves is the way to go. You can lounge on the beach and children can play in the sand. Resorts will be the better option in this situation. Food and Housekeeping are the least of your worries. You are there to just enjoy and relax.

Solo traveler? A group of friends?

Resorts are the best option for solo travelers. However, you may be traveling alone and you may still prefer to reduce interactions with others so villas will be appropriate for you and that is a sound decision to make considering the Covid - 19 challenges.

Traveling with friends is an amazing experience and it really doesn’t matter where you stay because you are going to have a wonderful holiday experience whether it is at a villa or a resort.

Villas, Villas, Villas

Resorts will make your holiday carefree but we leave you with an image of friends talking and laughing and enjoying a wonderful BBQ next to a pool nestled in a beautiful garden.

Planning a holiday might be stressful because everyone wants to choose the best option. Our Halal Travel experts are on hand 24/7 to reduce the stress. Let us prepare tailor made travel itineraries and allow us to help you choose the best holiday option for you. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a holiday is the quality time and moments that we will eventually take back with us. Each one of us have our very own unique needs and wants and the choices we make will definitely vary.

Wherever you may be traveling, have a memorable holiday experience and don’t forget to share your travel experiences with us.

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