Turkish Airlines to resume international flights on June 18

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Turkish Airlines Press Consultant, Yahya Ustun, announced on his twitter that the airline will resume its international flights starting from June 18th. Turkish Airlines will firstly schedule direct flights from 16 European cities to 14 destinations in Turkey.

This summer, Turkish Airlines added new routes from Europe to Turkey, routes that were never scheduled before. Below are added routes.

  • Basel-Gaziantep

  • Hanover-Diyarbakir

  • Salzburg-Ordu/Giresun

  • Frankfurt-Elazig

  • Amsterdam-Kayseri

The above routes are planned for the summer period of this year and the tickets are already on sale.

Here are the 16 European cities from which Turkish Airlines has scheduled direct flights to 14 Turkish cities.


  • Munich,

  • Berlin,

  • Frankfurt,

  • Stuttgart,

  • Hannover,

  • Cologne,

  • Düsseldorf,

  • Hamburg


  • Zurich

  • Geneva

  • Basel


  • Vienna

  • Salzburg


  • Amsterdam


  • Copenhagen


  • Stockholm

Turkish Airlines resumed its domestic flights on June 1st.

The first domestic flights took off from Istanbul to the country’s capital Ankara. Starting from June 4, Turkish Airlines will resume domestic flights departing from Istanbul to 40 cities around the country. Flights from Ankara to 14 differents Turkish cities will also resume on June 4th. Below is the domestic flight schedule provided by Turkish Airlines.

Our domestic flights departing/arriving from Istanbul Airport valid as of June 4, 2020

  • Adana 3 flights per day

  • Adiyaman Everyday

  • Agri Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Alanya Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday*

  • Amasya Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Ankara 3 flights per day

  • Antalya 3 flights per day

  • Balikesir-Edremit Monday, Wednesday, Friday*

  • Batman Everyday

  • Bingöl Monday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Bodrum 3 flights per day

  • Dalaman 3 flights per day

  • Denizli Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday*

  • Diyarbakir 2 flights per day

  • Elazig Everyday

  • Erzincan Everyday

  • Erzurum Everyday

  • Gaziantep 2 flights per day

  • Hakkari Tuesday, Friday, Sunday*

  • Hatay Everyday

  • Igdir Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

  • Isparta Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Izmir 3 flights per day

  • Kahramanmaras Everyday

  • Kars Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Kayseri Everyday

  • Konya Everyday

  • Malatya Everyday

  • Mardin Everyday

  • Mus Everyday

  • Nevsehir Everyday

  • Ordu-Giresun Everyday

  • Samsun Everyday

  • Siirt Monday, Wednesday, Sunday**

  • Sinop Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Sivas Everyday

  • Sanliurfa Everyday

  • Sirnak Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday*

  • Trabzon 3 flights per day

  • Van Everyday

*: The first flight will take place on June 5, 2020.

**: The first flight will take place on June 13, 2020.

Source: Turkish Airlines


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