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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Fashion has always been very special to me, and I always thought it was an exceptional form of art. After watching the runway shows of the Haute Couture Fashion Houses like Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, JeanPaul Gaultier, Thiery Mugler, Carolina Herrera, and so many others, I am thrilled to get a platform in battuta’s new series, Travel in Style, where I can tap into the design world of fashion, fragrance, and beauty as it relates to us, Muslims.

Fashion is a moment to give us joy. Muslim women definitely have an idea about looking good within the parameters of what is permitted by our religion.

For a very long time, the needs of Muslim women weren’t identified. A decade ago visionaries, like Kerim Ture of Modanisa, planted the seeds of Modest Fashion, recognizing the power of Muslim women’s unique needs and personality.

Modest Fashion has found new roots, and that root will carry the industry forward into a new empire of elegance.Modest Fashion has given us a fresh approach to unique and freestyles. It has also proven that dressing great doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

Muslims are quite rightly expressing themselves by dressing with a certain flair and having the courage to set their own trends by sticking to what is right. Companies in this arena keep pushing forward with integrity, spirit, and a sense of optimism that makes us proud. Keep your eye on this space since it will keep highlighting the very best of what the Modest Fashion industry is offering.

The essence of Modest Fashion emphasizes appropriately long, easy outfits with softer fabrics, which are just perfect for traveling. Fabric sets up everything in motion. A lot of change that takes place in fashion really is about textiles and how you wear your clothes. Loosely constructed shapes, silhouettes that elongate the body, and proportions, are the norm and not the exception.

As summer or any season approaches, the most genuine fashion enthusiasts await the runway shows to see what will define the future look. After the pandemic, I expect collections that are upbeat, fun, joyful and colorful. Clothes are a reflection of your personality, values, principles, feelings, and achievements. Stay true to who you are, and remember what you wear should reflect the real you.

With beach days or cultural tours ahead, let us just make sure that you have your summer essentials in your suitcase or backpack. To correctly update your warm-weather wardrobe, I would like to present the 2021 look for summer from Modest Fashion’s most respected fashion label - Modanisa. You can give your summer style a fresh look by adding the pieces on the following pages by going online to modanisa. com and using the coupon code HalalTravelscom30 for a 30% discount valid from July 1st - August 30th, 2021. Summer never felt so much better.

Modanisa in their own words…

Land of Earth Tone Treasures

We followed the traces of an ancient city under the scorching heat of Ephesus, with a history that dates back to the Hellenistic era. And there, in this magical place, we discovered how ancient works intersect with ethnic textures.

Using natural fabrics and parallel vintage tones, here’s an edit of styles that reflect the very evident boho feel of every crack and corner that the land of Ephesus emits. The sun is scorching, but we have nothing to worry about, neither should you. This collection of dresses will keep you feeling fresh and stylish.

Off on a Blue Cruise

The stunning blue sky, reflections of the sizzling sun, and the cool waters... Experience a blue cruise in blue styles.

Breathable fabrics, cool and fresh colors. The marine trend is going to be sailing its way into your wardrobe. Nautical fashion is so much more than just Breton tops... Hats, pants, skirts, even burkinis. Feel free to explore.

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