Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Although these are difficult times to travel, there is nothing that can keep a traveler from planning a dream holiday.

Here are the top 5 destinations for Muslim families, couples, and solo travelers.

Pray Now! Plan Now! Travel Later!

#1 Turkey

Sea Lover’s Paradise

With no less than 35 million tourists trooping into Turkey yearly, this culturally rich country is one of the world’s top travel destinations. Boasting the most amazing luxury hotels in the world, travelers are guaranteed optimum comfort during their stay in Turkey. Featuring a bluff and sand to stones seashores, Turkey’s coastline is the sea lover’s paradise.

Known to be very rich in history, the world’s most archeological sites can be found in Turkey - the City of Troy, Ephesus, Cappadocia, etc. Some of the tour sites include the famous Hagia Sophia Museum and Mount Nemrut.

3 Reasons to Visit

• History & Culture

• Delicious Food

• Sightseeing


Turkey is a Muslim-friendly destination with facilities that suit the needs of Muslim travelers. With a majority Muslim population, travelers can have easy access to mosques and Halal food. There are various Halal restaurants serving both Turkish and continental dishes.

Most of the hotels in Turkey provide Muslim-friendly accommodation with facilities that ensure guests’ privacy.

Featuring all-inclusive halal resorts, Turkish cities are the Top Halal destinations all over the world.

#2 Indonesia

World’s Best Halal Destination

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at this luxury Halal travel destination with high standards of accommodation. Boasting one of the world’s longest coastlines, Indonesia features idyllic Islands with beautiful beaches where couples can take romantic sunset pictures during their honeymoon.

Bali and Lombok are most famous for their beaches, with Jakarta, the country’s capital, offering a blend of historic and modern culture. Another thing to watch out for in this Halal travel destination is the picturesque scenery and beautiful wildlife with unique animal species.

The large Muslim population in Indonesia birthed quite a number of historic mosques with cutting-edge Islamic architecture.

3 Reasons to Visit

• Muslim majority

• Halal food

• Worldclass diving


Indonesia is an excellent Halal travel destination for Muslim couples, Muslim families, and nature lovers. This highly populated Muslim community offers delicious Halal food, mosques, luxury halal hotels, friendly locals, abundant wildlife, and Muslim-friendly activities.

Featuring a Halal-friendly government, the Halal Tourism Development Acceleration Team is making sure travelers enjoy the best of Halal and tourism.

One of the popular tourist centers in Indonesia is the historic Menara Kudus Mosque, dating as far back as 1549.

#3 Morocco

Road to the Sahara Desert

Located in the North-Western region of Africa, Morocco is a growing tourist destination. Tourists can go swimming, surfing, or sunbathing in any of the coastal towns around.

Food can be purchased at a cheap price even in classy restaurants. Check out the Riff and Atlas mountains with jagged cliffs and small hilltop villages. This predominantly Muslim country offers a passage to the Sahara desert.Then, there is the Majorelle Garden, UNESCO-listed Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou where many films have been shot.

3 Reasons to Visit

• The Sahara Desert

• Fascinating Landscapes

• Beaches


With a diverse population of Arabs, Mediterraneans, and Europeans, there is a wide variety of halal food for travelers. Its majority Muslim population also makes it easy to access mosques in Morocco.

Get your shopping bags ready for a visit to one of the Moroccan souks that sell artisan wares. Tourists can also experience the history and cultural symbolism of Morocco with a visit to any of the 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country, including the Medinas and archeological sites.

You can go on a Morocco private tour or with your family to create lasting memories.

#4 United Kingdom

Endless Fascinating Locations

One of the world’s most visited European empires, The United Kingdom features a fascinating history and rich cultural traditions. This historic Muslim-friendly destination houses ancient Roman sites, old towns, and centuries-old castles.

Travelers can easily visit popular tourist centers with cars, buses, and well-connected trains. Welcoming over 30 million tourists yearly, the UK houses some of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, various museums, historical monuments, cutting edge art, and family-friendly locations.

3 Reasons to Visit

• Halal inclusive resorts

• Historic sites

• Transport facilities


The United Kingdom has one of the fastest-growing Muslim populations in Europe. With over 150 mosques spread across Birmingham, Muslim travelers will have no issue finding a place of worship.

Muslim travelers can enjoy all-inclusive halal resorts or stay in any of the various Muslim-friendly cities in the UK. Bradford and Luton specifically feature a variety of Muslim owned Halal restaurants serving Asian and English cuisines.

Cities in the UK have a sizeable Muslim population and as such feature quite a number of prayer facilities.

#5 Malaysia

Award-winning Halal Travel Destination

Featuring a rich cultural heritage, this country is one of the world’s best travel destinations blessed with an abundance of fascinating places to explore. Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches, elevated hill stations, secluded islands, and its various UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Enjoy Halal street food in George Town with food courts scattered every half mile. Travelers can also experience the awesomeness of nature at the Mulu World Heritage Area - two massive caves with natural limestone formations.

3 Reasons to Visit

• Rainforest and Wildlife

• White sand beaches

• Rich Islamic Heritage


Malaysia is one of the world’s top halal travel destinations, with a majority-Muslim population. The official religion is Islam, therefore, it is easy to find mosques and halal food in the country.

Halal food is widely available in the country with varieties offered, including Greek, Jamaican, and Chinese food. Muslim couples can relax at one of the country’s finest beach resorts.

Some of the top Malaysian destinations for Muslim tourists include Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Malacca, and Port Dickson.

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