Top 3 Cities in Turkey

Updated: Oct 14, 2021


East Meets West

Being one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, Istanbul is the bridge that connects the East (Asia) and the West (Europe) together. Boasting numerous sight-seeing options, travelers are welcome to drown in the beauty of nature. Istanbul has a cheap public transport system, with options like buses, ferries, trams, trains, and taxis. Travelers can purchase the Istanbulkart, the electronic card that makes transport fare payment easier. The tram lines run across various Istanbul tourist sites, making tourism easier.

3 Reasons to Visit

• The Blue Mosque

• Bosphorus Cruise

• The Grand Bazaar


Blessed with a high Muslim population, Istanbul is a Muslim-friendly city. Home to the 5 centuries-old Grand Bazaar, which contains no less than 5000 shops, 60 restaurants with Halal food options, 18 fountains, a school, and 12 mosques. Istanbul has quite a decent amount of mosques where Muslim travelers can worship. There are numerous halal hotels in Istanbul, with Muslim-friendly facilities like a prayer room, secluded swimming pools, spas with women-only areas, and Halal restaurants.


History and Nature

Located in a Muslim country, finding Halal food in Antalya is quite easy. In fact, the majority of Antalya hotels are equipped with Muslim friendly facilities, including strictly Halal restaurants, prayer facilities, soundproof rooms, and private pool areas. Muslim couples can also find honeymoon suites in these hotels. There are also numerous mosques in Antalya where Muslim travelers can worship while away from the hotel. The parks, beaches, and resorts in this city also offer various children play areas.

3 Reasons to Visit

• Ancient Ruins

• Stunning Nature

• Beautiful Beaches


Home to a rich history and mind-blowing natural landscape, this southwest Turkish city is a great holiday destination. Antalya promises a great hiking experience with a marked walking trail of about 540 kilometers. There are small and affordable boutique hotels set within the nature of mountains and beaches. A visit to Antalya Museum will give tourists an insight into Turkish history with various archeological findings and beautiful sculptures from the ancient Roman era. Hadrian’s Gate and the Lycian Empire are two must-visit historic sites in Antalya.

Tourism in a Balloon

Famous for its hot air balloon rides, Cappadocia is one of the most visited Turkish regions. This city has a rocky landscape with fairy Chimney rock formations caused by an ancient volcanic eruption. Tourists go to this site to fly hot air balloons, creating a scenic view together with the blasting sunrise. These balloon rides also provide beautiful views of the small villages, river valleys, and fascinating cliffs. Apart from balloons, a visit to the underground city is one of the things to do in Cappadocia.

3 Reasons to Visit

• Hot Air Balloon Rides

• Cave Hotels

• Underground Cities


Located in a Muslim country, there are halal restaurants in Cappadocia that serves both Turkish and continental halal food. Some of the accommodations provided by the hotels are also Muslim-friendly, with facilities like private pools, soundproof rooms, and prayer facilities. The famous tourist locations in Cappadocia are also Halal-friendly and perfect for Muslim tourists. Muslims can observe their prayers at any of the various mosques scattered across the city. The signature hot air balloon rides are also a great way for Muslims to appreciate the magnificence of Allah swt.


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