Summer 2020 Destinations: Italy

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The quarantine condition will no longer be applicable to travelers visiting from the following countries:

  1. The 26 other nations that make up the EU

  2. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland ( Schengen Area members )

  3. The United Kingdom

  4. Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican

However, if you are visiting from one of the above-mentioned countries but had recently visited somewhere else not on the above list within 14 days of traveling to Italy, you should expect quarantine restrictions.

Tourism accounts for 13% of Italy’s GDP and the effects of the lockdown on the economy cannot be easily overlooked where nearly four million people are employed in tourism and tourism-related activities.

The Italian government seems fully committed to reviving its economy by offering up to 500 Euros for a low-income family to travel within Italy this summer season. Sicily, an island in Southern Italy, is offering to pay half of the visitors’ flight costs and a third of their hotel expenses to increase the number of visitors.

Italy was one of the worst-hit nations by the Covid-19 pandemic but they seem to have taken the right preventive measures to limit having a resurgence of this coronavirus. Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, Italy’s busiest airport, has become the first in Europe to use “smart helmets”.

The smart helmets are basically augmented reality helmets connected to a camera and a thermo-scanner that can scan body temperature from seven meters away which is then transmitted to the visor in real-time. Passengers exhibiting fever can be quickly and easily pinpointed. In addition to the 83 static thermo-scanning machines currently operating at the airport, the safety helmets will definitely add portability and flexibility to monitor large groups of passengers.

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Source: CGTN, Forbes, The Local


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