Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

About the interviewee

I am Suha, a proud University of Pittsburgh graduate. I am currently working in the ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, my home country, as I majored in Health Management System.

Suha Alkhan

1. Tell us a little bit about how Muslims in Saudi Arabia prepare for Ramadan? Is there anything they do specifically before the first day of Ramadan?

Muslims all over the world wait for the month of Ramadan impatiently. In Saudi, the preparations take place in several ways; religious, spiritual, social, and eating.

2. How would you describe the overall Ramadan spirit in Saudi Arabia? Does it have a different feeling on the streets when you go out in Ramadan?

Of course. Ramadan fills the whole country with indescribable peacefulness. The streets become more joyful during Ramadan. And there is a very special spark in the air that you do not feel all year long, and that gives Ramadan the beautiful taste it has.

3. How does a typical iftar would look like?

An interesting aspect of Ramadan is that whoever is responsible for the iftar tries to show their creativity. Whether it’s the mother or the father or any of the children, they always get very talented in the kitchen! Iftar usually consists of several dishes; appetizers as salad and soup, main course which is usually “thireed” (the favorite meal of the prophet Mohammad PBUH), and whatever you crave you can find on the dining table of iftar.

4. How does a typical suhur (suhoor) would look like?

Suhoor usually is a light meal that would keep you energetic while fasting the next day. It usually contains yogurt and other foods that would keep your tummy full for some time.

5. Is there any food or drink that is specifically consumed in Ramadan?

Yes, Sambosa is widely consumed during Ramadan, with many different stuffings: chicken, cheese, beef, or veggies. As for the drinks, Vimto aptly heads the list. It is a syrupy purple drink that has a fruity flavor.

Please tell us about the deserts. ??

•Dessert in Ramadan is a whole other story. It is a must! The most common one is “luqaimat” which is fried dough topped with liquid sugar.

6. How do people celebrate Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al-Fitr without a doubt is the day of pure joy. Families in Saudi gather all together, even extended families. People wear new clothes and spend time with their families. Sometimes they exchange gifts and have different kinds of cheerful activities.

7. What makes Saudi Arabia special in Ramadan? Tell us about any activities, festivals, bazaars, etc..

Saudi Arabia in Ramadan is somehow glowing. People all around the country worship Allah more than any other time of the year. They gather with their families and sometimes wear traditional clothes. Food is amazing during Ramadan, so prepare your stomach to be always full.

8. What should travelers expect to experience if they visit Saudi Arabia in Ramadan?

A lot of people visit bazaars and traditional markets during the holy month. And you would notice that charity work is intensive during Ramadan, it takes place mostly with helping the poor from all aspects; from giving food and clothes to renovating their houses.

9. If I was visiting Saudi Arabia in Ramadan, where would be the best place to have iftar?

If we have the honor of having guests for iftar, the best place to have it would definitely be with my family. We all gather on the meal and spend time afterward for desserts and chatting. After that, everyone would leave to fulfill their daily dose of worshiping which includes prayers of Tarawih, reading Quran, and Dhikr.

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