Muslim Traveler's Guide to Dallas, TX

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

This destination does not include pristine beaches or breath-taking mountain views. Neither is it a place where you will be secluded in a tropical rainforest. Instead, it’s a big city, with hectic highways, busy intersections, and numerous suburbs that can be distant from each other. This destination is Dallas, Texas.

Those who have not been to Dallas may imagine something different from its reality. Nonetheless, it’s a city that offers something for everyone, including plenty of “Halal things to do”. Dallas is among the fastest-growing cities in the US with excellent job opportunities, quality education, and a very diverse population. People here are very friendly towards all nationalities but to be specific, it is a Muslim-friendly metropolitan area.

Since we all like our stomachs, let’s explore some of the Halal foodstuffs in Dallas. There are halal Middle Eastern buffets, excellent Biryani options, and even Halal Pepperoni Pizza! There is a place called Bigdásh that serves delicious Arabic ice cream (yes, with pistachios on top) along with great-tasting Turkish-style tea or coffee.

There are authentic brick ovens baking a “Cheese Pie” or Man’oucheh (as some call it) that serves well with a pot of hot tea and fresh mint. At the same time, Dallas offers exceptional cuisine with specialties originating from the Indian subcontinent. The Desi food in Dallas includes so much variety that you won’t know what to pick from…

The food options mentioned above are just a few examples of what you’ll get to eat in Dallas. To close on the delicious food, there are even Halal Mexican restaurants where you can order sizzling fajitas and frijoles pintos (Pinto Beans) just like you would elsewhere.

Besides the food, Dallas offers activities for all ages and interests. You can go zip lining at a city park in a suburb called Plano or ride a jet ski at one of the largest lakes in Dallas called Lake Lewisville. To experience some Western Heritage, visit the Fort Worth Stock Yards to see Longhorns walk down the street in front of your eyes, it’s not something you see every day.

Finally, visit a shooting range while you are here! It’s a lot of fun and the ranges in the Dallas area are well organized and safely monitored. Last but not least, make sure you attend an Islamic Halaqa (Lecture) or the Friday Prayer (Salat Al-Jumuah) at one of the many Dallas Mosques. Here, the vibrant and exceptionally active Muslim community will not disappoint you. There are dozens of beautiful mosques, clothing stores, and even Sharia-compliant banks for those who decide to stay for good…

The list below includes specific names and more info about the places mentioned above. Of course, it is highly recommended to search for more places around your stay. They are easy to find with a few minutes of research on the web.

Halal food…Yummy:

  • Afrah Mediterranean Cuisine – Richardson, TX -

  • Big Dash – Frisco, TX -

  • Bawarchi Biryanis – Plano, TX -

  • Caribbean Cabana – Dallas, TX -

  • Doña Mary, antojitos mexicanos – Plano, TX -

  • Zio Al's Pizza & Pasta (check out the one on Dallas Pkwy) -

Halal-friendly activities:

  • Go Ape Zip Line- Plano, TX -

  • Kidzania Frisco, TX (great for families with children) -

  • Frisco Gun Club – Frisco, TX -

  • Fort Worth Stock Yards – Fort Worth, TX -

  • **Note** – Fort Worth is about 1.5 hr. away from the main Dallas area. Plan accordingly.

  • Shopping (because you know you will end up going) – Allen, TX –


Mosques (there are plenty more, the list below highlights some of the most active and well-known):

  • Valley Ranch Islamic Center -

  • East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC mosque) -

  • Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) -

  • Islamic Center of Irving -

  • Islamic Center of Frisco -

Sharia-compliant financial institutions...since you might end up moving here:

  • Guidance Residential -

  • University Islamic Financial -​​​​​​​

Dallas is a very big city, therefore, it is highly recommended to rent a car or make sure that you have reliable transportation. One of the most convenient car rental options would be from DFW international airport car rentals. Additionally, you can rent a car from an individual using TURO. This option offers more affordable rates and many times, the rental host can be much more flexible with you.

Asalamu Aleikum and Halal Travels…. :)

Author: Mohamad Kassem

I have lived in Mexico, Kuwait, and now I am based in Dallas, Texas USA. Being surrounded by various cultures taught me way more than school ever will. More importantly, the Islamic teachings and practices are a huge part of my identity. I enjoy the outdoors, marksmanship, and swimming. A variety of authentic cuisine is always good, oh and fresh tea or coffee afterwards :)


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