Muslim Traveler Guide to Morocco

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

If you’re wondering if Morocco is safe for a solo hijabi traveler or not, Morocco is safer than you probably think.

Moroccan food is halal as it is a Muslim country.

My top 3 must-try Moroccan food options (along with olives, bread, and oranges) were:

1. Couscous, it is crushed durum wheat served usually with vegetables, meat or chicken.

2. Mesemen, it is a Moroccan pie usually served with cheese and sometimes with jam or Nutella.

3. Refissa, it is made of small pieces of mesemen with green soup and chicken.

Most of the time I had Msemen with cheese for breakfast, but don’t do what I did as you will definitely gain some fat.

TRAVELER TIP: You can have dinner in “Dar Naji”. It is a famous restaurant that serves all Moroccan dishes. They have theme corners decorated like the cities of Morocco, for example Chefchaouen corner is decorated in blue.

Moroccon Mint Tea is a must try

You can have Moroccan Mint Tea (a green tea prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar) anytime and anywhere literally as you can find people doing it in every street corner.

They have a unique technique in pouring it. The tea is poured from a height into a small glass to create a foamy head. Apparently, the oxidization makes the tea taste better.

If you’re lucky you may get one for free. If you are not a tea person, you could also find mouth-watering fresh orange juice everywhere, especially in Marrakech.

Accommodation and Transportation in Morocco

You won’t need a tour guide if you’re in any city in Morocco. You can easily find hotels and hostels for accommodation. You can search for hostels online or you can book when you arrive.

There are usually a bunch of hostels next to each other so if you cannot find an empty hostel you can walk to the one next to it. To be safe, I recommend staying in a hostel or hotel in downtown in any city as there will always be people around any time of the day.

You can easily travel to different cities in Morocco by train. You can get tickets from any near train station where you can find a big screen that shows the trains’ schedule. But if you’re going for an adventure in the Sahara as a solo female, you’ll need to be in a group with a local guide.

Natural Beauties of Morocco

My favorite city in Morocco is Akchour. You can go there by a shared taxi from Chefchaouen in 30 minutes, it cost approximately 25MAD (around $2). This place is like heaven. It’s a big waterfall. You can hike to the top in 30 minutes and every 5 or 7 minutes on your way up you will find a small rest area with chairs and someone making Moroccan tea.

You can hike while wearing your swimsuit so when you stop in any rest or when you reach the top of the waterfall, you can chill in the amazingly cold waterfall.

When you finish your day there and go down, you’ll find a place to take a shower as well as a restaurant. You will also find a lot of people selling Moroccan snacks. It was really a great adventure for me so I definitely recommend it to any traveler.

Amazing People of Morocco

Moroccan people are so kind and helpful. Everyone there was trying to help me with something, whether I was lost or trying to find my accommodation. Just a small note, try to learn some French as they only speak Moroccan Arabic, which is hard to understand, and French. Not everyone can speak English.

FYI: You may get some comments when you walk alone especially at night. But there are often policemen walking everywhere to make sure people are safe.

Overall, Morocco was a breathtaking country. I loved the culture and everything about it. It was different and new. I hope a lot of you can have an experience like this.


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