Muslim Couple’s Unforgettable Honeymoon in Bali

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There are unforgettable moments in one’s life, and our honeymoon trip to Bali as a Muslim couple was one of them. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit this fascinating destination. Bali was my dream honeymoon destination, and we had one in a lifetime experience.

It can be a long journey, are you ready to be captivated?

I’ve experienced a number of situations on this trip for the first time, and boarding a plane was one of those. Probably not many people have flown for a period above average I guess, and my first journey as someone who had never boarded a plane lasted exactly 12 hours. It was a little worrying but no one died.

It was a fun and a quite comfortable part of a marvelous voyage. Halal food was served as we requested at the time of booking. I also want to express that the long journey was bearable as were traveling to a wonderful place for our honeymoon.

Was it difficult to find halal food?

Muslim friendliness was not a detail that was noted in many places. Even when we asked, we received reactions that it was the first time they have encountered such a request. Although not common throughout the country, we have easily found several restaurants that serve halal food. Also at the hotel where we stayed, halal food was served per our request.

Concerns about accommodation

Bali may be the country where you will have the least problem in terms of Halal accommodation. If you communicate your sensitivity, they will meet your halal needs, make other situations suitable for you, and they can remove alcohol from your room. You may feel at ease in a way that they’ll respect your religious concerns as they adopt a lifestyle based on their religion as well.

You can find tons of halal accommodations with the right amount of comfort and privacy ranging from villas with secluded private pools or hotels with separate areas for men and women on

Must see places in Bali

Tanah Lot: The temple, which has a magical beauty, will offer you one of the most beautiful sunset views you can witness.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces: Located in a beautiful valley to the north of Ubud. 20 minutes drive from Ubud town, not on difficult roads. Tegalalang Rice Terraces should definitely be added to your Bali Route. When you come to Tegalalang, you can enjoy the view from the hill by riding the swing, and you can also feel the feeling of flying in the sky. You’ll need 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to explore every corner of the area. Make sure you get water and sunscreen!

Sacred Monkey Forest: Make sure you put your accessories like sunglasses, cell phone in your bag because the monkeys here are too crazy.

Kuta Beach: This is where you could enjoy a beautiful sunset, get crazy on the water with watersports, and get great shots with the amazing view.

Uluwatu Temple: Here you can watch the famous Kecak dance show. Watch out for thief monkeys!

Ubud Art Bazaar: Be sure to go early hours of the morning and negotiate hard.

Tirta Gangga: You should go early to avoid the crowd.

You must also experience Luwak Coffee and Coconut Ice-Cream. All in all this honeymoon trip as a newlywed Muslim couple was awesome. Some of the highlights of our trip are that we have collected memories from everywhere about Bali culture, we bought local hats and clothes which were highly ethnic and aesthetic, and the best of all we met incredible people who were warm-hearted.

Kuta Beach was unforgettable for me and my husband. Because of being one of the best locations for surfing in the world, we could not pass this experience as amateur surfers. We danced with huge ocean waves. We swam like crazy until we got dizzy.

I am already saving money just to visit Bali again.

Have you ever heard before about ‘’Eat, Pray, Love’’.? That is Bali’s famous motto.

As you know, Buddhism is adopted throughout the country and you encounter a community devoted to their religion.

While walking around the street you can see elaborate plates that are made from corn cane in front of almost every door. It contains rice, many kinds of flowers, corn leaves and confectioneries with incense. When we asked why the plates are here they explained as:

‘‘We do it to be forgiven and blessed by God’’

You can also see these plates on the top of the statues.

Even though they have a different religion, the practice of tolerance across the island creates a Muslim friendly environment.

You will encounter lovely local people with a smile on their faces. They present their warmheartedness without any expectation regardless of the fact that they had just met you.

I have been researching Bali prior to our trip and came across this motto without really understanding what it meant. During our trip, I could see how their lifestyle represents each word of the motto.

Long story short. You must add Bali to your bucket list without any hesitation.


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