Modanisa Winter Collection

Modanisa Winter Collection offers us a striking glimpse into modern and urban women’s closets, complete with maximal assertive patterns and tonal silhouettes.

Though the sun peeks behind the clouds once in a while, it doesn’t warm us up like it used to. The leaves are falling one by one, downpours and strong winds are here to stay for a while. So it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the chilly days ahead. You’re in luck! Modanisa has been adding new pieces to its winter collection. The story of soft textures and warm fabrics is being rewritten this season with oversized items and never-ending layers. Let’s look at the standout styles for winter 2021- 22.

Cozy Ponchos

Cozy winter ponchos that wrap us up like a swaddle are among the outerwear pieces to invest in. Perfect to layer with oversized sweaters and wool knits, they add a bit of warmth with their soft hues. Create an elegant look with knit sets and dresses - the ultimate winter staples.

Effortless Elegance

Have you been told not to wear white in winter? It’s just not true. The trend is showing up everywhere, from shawls to boots, creating headto-toe ecru for maximum impact. If you want a pick-me-up on gray and gloomy days, you can always opt for some beige and ecru in different patterns and fabrics.

Soothing Green

Green is taking over the scene this season. Not only a companion to earth tones, but it also pairs well with navy blue, ecru, and beige. Plus, it is the color you need in your wardrobe when it comes to winter layering. Pair your wool knits with a raincoat to achieve a weather-ready look.



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