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The Maldives Floating City Project

The Maldives Floating City is, in its essence, an attempt to provide housing for the local Maldivian people but was shortlisted for the MIPIM Awards, an internationally recognized prestigious award for development projects.

The Maldivians strongly bond with the sea; thus, living on water fits into their culture and history. The inspiration behind this project is the brain coral. These common and slowgrowing coral species resemble a human brain and usually serve as a strong foundation for coral reefs.

By adopting this environmentally friendly floating construction project, the Maldives has again reaffirmed its commitment as the global center for coral protection. The city’s roadways and water canals are designed to mimic the beautiful and efficient way actual brain coral is separated.

With over 200 ha, the lagoon is situated near the capital city, Male, and the international airport. The city’s primary means of transportation will be boats with canals serving as the primary foundation for networking and coordinating the various sections of the city. No automobiles are allowed, only bikes and electric noise-free buggies/scooters. Expect to be biking and walking on natural white sand streets.

A one-of-a-kind metropolis that protects blue habitats and encourages coral growth above and below the water’s surface. The developers will add artificial coral banks to encourage natural coral growth from underneath. The coral reefs will serve as natural wave reducers or breakers, allowing occupants peace of mind and making the Maldives a global climate innovator.

Living in harmony with nature and learning to respect normal coral and other marine ecosystems will allow the Maldives to have the world’s first truly floating island city that serves as a benchmark for the rest of the world.

With perfect weather, tropical surroundings, all waterfront homes, and a legal framework to buy a home in the Maldives and get residence permits, tourism is bound to have an upward trajectory as more and more will ditch everything for a taste of the Maldivian lifestyle.