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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Indonesia working on becoming a Top Halal Producer

The number of Muslims globally has reached 1.9 billion, and Indonesia accounts for the most significant percentage of this statistic. The Indonesian Government has realized that this represents a considerable market potential for Muslim products.

To this end, the Government has enacted laws such as Government Regulation No. 39 of 2021 on the implementation of Halal Product Assurance.

“With the Government’s support, I am optimistic that Indonesia will become the world’s biggest producer of halal products in the future,” Vice President Maruf Amin said in his opening remarks at the online Indonesia Industrial Muslim Exhibition.

He also announced that the Government had created the Indonesian Sharia Economic Masterplan 20192024, which includes four primary strategies.

The first strategy involves making the halal value chain stronger. This chain consists of the halal food & beverage industry, halal tourism, modest fashion, medicine, cosmetics, media, and renewable energy resources. The other three strategies revolve around boosting Islamic finance, encouraging small and medium-sized businesses, and empowering the digital economy.

The Vice President, on his part, encouraged all the relevant ministers to focus on one specific goal, which is to make Indonesia become a global halal producer in various fields and promote Indonesian-made Muslim products to increase awareness in the eyes of the world.

Malaysia is now open to Investors and Business Travelers

Tourism Malaysia recently launched its Middle Eastspecific #WeMissYou campaign during the Arabian Travel Market Trade Show in Dubai (May 16-19, 2021).

Short-term business visitors to Malaysia are already exempt from statutory quarantine rules. The government is now prepared to reopen its borders safely. A statewide immunization program is presently implemented as a significant pillar to reach this end of reopening soon.

GCC nationals can get a visa on arrival in Malaysia. Major airlines from the area, including Emirates, Etihad Airways, Saudia, Qatar Airways, and others, can now fly directly to the country.

Around 300,000 tourists from the GCC area visited Malaysia in 2019.

These tourists accounted for the highest per capita expenditure relative to other tourists. It comes as no surprise to hear that Malaysia has singled out the GCC as one of its important markets.

With its Muslim-friendly services like halal food, prayer facilities, halal hotels, and overall safety, Malaysia is now one of the top Halal-friendly destinations chosen by Muslims all over the world. As the pandemic subsides, Halal tourism is set to rebound drastically.

Hence, The Malaysian National Tourism Policy has laid out a tourism plan for the years 2020 - 2030 with clear guidelines on navigating Malaysian tourism over the next decade. The emphasis is on recovery, reconnecting, and sustaining this crucial sector of the economy.


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