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WASABIH Connecting the Global Halal Business Economy

Halal is a way of life. It transcends all sectors. The Halal Economy is even bigger than the 2 billion Muslim world population. Indeed, more and more Muslims and non-Muslims now endorse the universal values of Halal, for a sustainable and equitable way of doing business.

We are French, Senegalese, Ghanaian, Malaysian, and Moroccan. Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians. Living in 3 different continents, but united by this shared vision: to create a world where business is fair, equitable, and sustainable.

That is why we created Wasabih at the end of 2021, ready to live the start-up life with its ups and its downs.

With 2 billion Muslims on the planet, who are more and more conscientious of including Islamic values in their daily life, and with all the people believing that we, humans, have the key to making the world a fair place, why can’t we make this vision come true?

From a global vision to a down-to-earth practical solution

But beyond what one would see as a utopia there is also a practical reality. Muslims, who represent ¼ of the world population, still feel left out by the mainstream economy, brands and even in their workplace. They expect brands and employers to understand their needs and provide specific responses.

It is often believed that providing Halal food is enough to be respectful of Islamic values, when Halal touches every aspect of life: fashion, charity, housing, finance, travel, education, work, business, pharmaceuticals,… This is the Halal Economy.

Therefore, if we want to realize our vision of a fair society, let’s start by bringing together professionals and companies who have a desire to be more respectful of Islamic values in the consumer experience and in the working environment, regardless of countries and religions, in one place, Wasabih. Wasabih, the Business Community for the Halal Economy.

We have a proprietary Business Smart-matching Technology, that helps businesses connect with the right people at professional events.

It sounds like LinkedIn for the Halal Economy, right? People could think: for professional purposes, why not stay on LinkedIn? Or on career-related groups on Facebook?

Do LinkedIn and Facebook foster a higher sense of fairness and sustainability in business and professional relationships? Is it easy to connect with professionals who believe in the same vision? Do Muslims feel included by these platforms? Is there any concrete step taken by these platforms to address the specific needs of Muslims? Is it easy to meet and do business with companies who show an interest in the Halal Economy?

Wasabih, an unprecedented networking solution for the Halal Economy

From the recent developments, we can answer that quite the opposite is happening. We knew we were in the right direction when both these giant mainstream platforms decided to ax the targeting of religious interests in early 2022. Halal, although carrying universal values, is considered a religious word. You will simply not find any more keywords like Halal, Muslims, Islam, Quran or Ramadan in the suggested targeting of these platforms.

On the other hand, people joining Wasabih want to connect with the Halal Economy by default and we qualify their motivation for joining the community. In the long run the information collected about their profile is what will be used to smart-match them.

A diverse community with a common interest powered by our smart-matching technology

Wasabih currently hosts many different profiles

- Conventional companies wanting to provide a safe space for their Muslim employees,

- Professionals looking for Halal business events to start addressing Muslim consum - ers,

- Key Opinion Leaders willing to share their knowledge and participate in conferences or events as speakers,

- Influencers believing in the vision and are ready to advocate it,

- Event organizers looking for sponsors, exhibitors or attendees for their next Halal-re

- lated events or who are looking for a Muslim-friendly community to build their Halal event communities, and more.

With more than 30 countries represented on Wasabih from several religions and in - dustries, we are very proud to be able to bring together such a growing variety under the Wasabih roof.

Thanks to our proprietary technology and deep understanding of event organizers’ pain points, we were able to sign and partner with international event organizers. We brought this technology on the map of both conventional and Halal professional events around the world, working on the one hand with international Halal event organizers like MIHAS, Halal Expo Canada, Penang International Halal Exhibition and conference (PIHEC), Saudi Halal Expo, Halal Expo London; and on the other with conventional event organizers like SME Corp Malaysia, to name a few.

Our ambition is to leverage this distinctive technology and the set of solutions we put in place to support Halal Event organizers. Not only do we help them power up the ROI of their events with our Smart-matching Technology, with higher satisfaction and enhanced business opportunities, but we also help them build a community of professionals prone to networking and doing business on a platform respectful of Islamic values. This will ensure a regular inflow of active members to Wasabih.

From there, this technology will be expanded to more applications within the platform, to ensure relevant connections are suggested to new members, to help them do business and increase members satisfaction and ROI on Wasabih Team.

Wasabih is investment-ready

As we graduated in May 2022 from an international accelerator, we are now ready for a round of funding. This is a crucial step for us to comfort and secure our first-mover advantage and to help us scale fast and efficiently.

The investment will be mainly used for technology improvements and marketing efforts simultaneously. Not only do we plan to improve our MVP to ensure the platform and the app cover the gaps identified in the Halal Economy and to expand our smart-matching technology to more professional uses, but we also want to attract more members and start implementing new revenue streams through targeted and meaningful advertising for businesses.

To reach out to Wasabih team, write to peace@wasabih.com or hit us up on Wasabih and on our social media pages.

Wasabih team