COVID-19 Travel Planning

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The current Coronavirus pandemic has shifted our understanding of travel. Routine travel planning would usually include booking flights to and accommodations in your destination of interest, packing, and ensuring whether or not you need a visa. This would roughly summarize the travel planning process before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Now, travel planning steps look more like this:

  1. Cancel your travel plans if it is not urgent.

  2. If it is urgent and you must travel, check if your flight will actually take off as countries have implemented strict flight regulations.

  3. Check if the borders are still open at the destination country.

  4. If this is all checked and you still have to travel, now it is time to consider your health while in transit.

Here are the TOP 10 TIPS to help you avoid getting infected with Coronavirus.

TIP 1: First and foremost, you must pack for stuff that you will need to disinfect your hands, your belongings, and your seat on the airplane. Make sure you have proper disinfecting wipes and not just regular wet wipes.

TIP 2: Many travelers are not aware of how a long haul flight can take its toll on your body. Make sure you are well-rested the day before. Also, having a meal with high vegetable content will support your immune system. You may as well pack yourself a small bag of vegetables for the trip.

TIP 3: Another commonly ignored preventive measure of hydration. You must start hydrating before taking your long haul flight. It is recommended to consume 2 liters of water on average per day. When you are traveling, your body will need more than that.

TIP 4: You must wash your hands frequently after touching any surface. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with water and soap. Make sure you wash your nail beds as well.

TIP 5: Avoid touching your face. Humans are creatures of habits and we unintentionally touch our faces dozens of times each day. However, you must know that you will get infected if the viruses on the surfaces are introduced to your mouth, nose, or eyes.

TIP 6: Make sure to properly disinfect your seat and surrounding area using disinfecting wipes. Hit spots that your hands and your face are most like to touch.

TIP 7: Excercise! You may do that before, during, and after your flight. Just remember, you will be sitting for a long time, and your body needs to move. Try some light stretches before the flight (maybe even at the boarding gate if you do not have time at home). While in-flight, the least you can do is to take a walk in the hall when it is convenient.

TIP 8: Maintain your physical distance of 2 meters (6 feet) when possible. It is even more important you maintain your distance from people who are ill.

TIP 9: Avoid common greeting methods including handshakes and hugs. Try greeting people with “Eyvallah”, a traditional Turkish greeting method that recently became popular.

TIP 10: Remember it takes 2 to 14 days for the symptoms to appear. Therefore, it is important that try to minimize human contact after you arrive at your destination.

REMEMBER: You just need to maintain your physical distance from people, that does not mean you should not receive or provide support to people you care about via emails, video calls, phone calls, or messages on social media. Together we are stronger, let’s use the blessings of technology to ease the stress of these difficult times for one another.


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