Coronavirus to change the way we greet

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Although it may change from culture to culture, people commonly shake hands, kiss on the cheek, bow, hug, or fist bump to greet one another. However, the current outbreak out coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused people to change their accustomed ways of greeting. People refusing to hug or shake hands are being smart by doing so as it is recommended by the health authorities around the world. Authorities recommended avoiding physical contact to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Well, how do people greet each other? You may ask. Here is a list of ways to greet one another without putting anyone’s health in jeopardy.

  1. Air shake

  2. Leg Shake

  3. Bow

  4. Air Kiss

  5. Elbow Bump

If these are not the ways you would prefer to greet someone, here is an original greeting method from the famous Turkish TV series called Resurrection: Ertugrul. “Eyvallah”, a traditional Turkish greeting where you place your right hand with an open palm on your chest close to your heart, become a global trend. Here is how you do it.


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