Airports to set up cleaning robots and disinfection booths

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Allah SWT has named himself Al Badee, the originator who commences, invents and creates all that exists, without any model or material.

Allah SWT also saw it fit to reward those who innovate. Unlike Allah’s innovation, what humans create has a limited life span.Covid-19 has shaken up all the acceptable ways of doing things and innovation has become the name of the game.

Airports, Hotels, Airlines, and others associated with the Travel Industry are rushing to implement the next big thing that they hope will allow them to overcome all the losses they have experienced and fly the skies or navigate the waters again.

One such innovation is CLeanTech, a full-body sanitizing machine. A passenger’s temperature is checked and the machine instantly sprays sanitizer all over a person in a process that lasts 40 seconds. The effectiveness of this innovation is of course still in the testing phase with Hong Kong International Airport being the first to implement it.



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