Adhering to Islamic Teachings While on Vacation

Adhering Islamic teachings while on vacation is key. Halal travel means you don’t lose your role as a Muslim when you travel.

A couple of things to remind yourself while on vacation.

  • Islam is your number one priority no matter where you are.

  • The level of Islam you practice does not change when on holiday.

  • Traveling should not lower your Islamic values nor should you ignore your duties as a Muslim.

  • A Muslim friendly holiday allows you to keep practicing Islam in the most comfortable way.

  • Going on holiday should not mean you go take a break from Islam. But instead, embrace it in each aspect of your journey.

  • One must still pray when it’s the appropriate time to pray and also still dress modestly.

  • Being on a beach or in a pool doesn’t mean one must dress inappropriately and nor should it prevent anyone from enjoying these places.

  • There are halal swim outfits that are available to use on beaches and in pools.

Keeping your Islamic values on vacation is the key factor to having a Muslim Friendly holiday. If there are facilities that cater to Muslims, a Muslim traveler should not hesitate to use them to their full potential. Ignoring those facilities would go against the teachings of Islam.

A few very important aspects of a Muslim friendly holiday include halal living accommodations, tours, transportation, and activities.

  • Halal living includes prayer facilities, family and hijab friendly environment, and separate swimming pools for men and women.

  • Family-friendly resorts, hotels, and villas tend to cater to guests with children, therefore, having more kid-friendly activities and accommodations making it Muslim friendly.

  • With more children, related activities there tend to be fewer adult activities available, which can be against Islamic values.

  • Resorts and hotels that cater to families are more conscious of serving alcohol and having adult parties since a large number of their guests include children. Serving alcohol will be limited and only certain parts of the hotel and parties including loud music will be little to almost none.

Another aspect of Halal Travel includes Private Villas.

  • They allow Muslim families and couples to experience a holiday with privacy yet enjoy all aspect of their vacation.

  • They also are hijab friendly, as many provide private/secluded pools and adhere to the needs of the family or couple.

Halal tours and activities include outdoor excursions, sightseeing, water fun, animal life, and city tours.

  • Any tour or activity can fall under Halal as long as it is permissible in Islam.

  • Halal tours and activities don’t necessarily have to include Mosques, Islamic centers or lectures, nor do they have to be Islam related.

  • As long as they are not going against Islam, any tour or activity is allowed and part of a Muslim friendly holiday.

Halal transportation can mean any type of transportation as long as they cater and welcome Muslims’ needs and requirements.

  • The taxi, bus or airline should not serve alcoholic drinks, pork, non-Zabiha meat and provide prayer facilities.

  • You could also enjoy privacy on your transfer from the airport to your hotel or within the city as there are companies providing vehicles with a separated driver and passenger cabin.

The concept of Halal travel is growing and becoming quite popular. There are many countries that go out of their way to accommodate Muslims and their needs. As a Muslim traveler, I encourage all Muslims to embrace Halal travel and continue to make it part of the modern world. The more it spreads across the globe, the more it will become a staple in our lives. Many other religions are accommodated to their fullest when traveling and Muslims should have the same right. It is important to let other countries know that when visiting, Muslims will add significant value to their culture and cities.

Halal travel does not take away from your vacation it only adds structure and importance. It is still possible to have an enjoyable vacation on a Muslim friendly holiday.

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