9 Essential Tips for Muslim Solo Female Travelers

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I have been traveling solo as a Muslim female for quite some time, even since I was an infant with my family. Thus far, I have been to 28 countries and counting. So, you will find my tips so relevant and handy if you plan to travel alone.

Here is just a gist of what I feel about how to travel alone as a Muslim woman and nine solo travel tips that will help you embark on this journey of traveling alone.

I kept it short and sweet. I have included pictures of my own solo travel experiences below for your eyes pleasure, I hope you enjoy!

Tip 1: Imagine what solo travel will bring to your life

Enrich Your Life: No doubt traveling alone is teaching you so much about yourself and others really, best of all, it is empowering.

You Can Do Anything: You will keep thinking and saying to yourself “hey! if I did this, I can do anything!” Like I always tell my friends, If I did it, you can certainly do it!

Experience Halal Travel: There are many ways of traveling halal. You will enjoy halal food from various cultures and learn how to overcome obstacles as a Muslim traveler.

Tip 2: Get courage as a solo travel Muslimah

Sounds Scary? Traveling solo may sound scary and difficult and it can be both at times, however, in the end, it is so worth it!

No Regret: From what I learned at my solo trips, the first thing I have to mention is that “take a solo trip at least once in your life, trust me, you will love it!”

Not Weird: It is never weird to travel alone.

Feel Empowered: You will feel so proud and accomplished once it’s done. You will have so much joy about discovering more about yourself and the world, liberating and empowering!

Wonderful People on The Way: During my solo travels, I have met so many wonderful people around the world and I will not stop! Now, I feel more confident, courage, and powerful to travel alone. You will do the same.

Tip 3: Do your research prior to traveling

Know Your Surroundings: Just like anything in life, know your surroundings, nearby medical facilities, police station, halal restaurants, Muslim-friendly hotels and hostels, a local trusted contact, etc.

Areas to Avoid: Know what areas to avoid. Learn Muslim-friendly destinations with halal food options. Search the safest countries for Muslim tourists.

Safety Tips: Learn female safety tips before you meet others alone. You can find many tips from Muslim female travel groups.

Solo Travel Secrets: Read about other travelers’ secrets to traveling alone. Learn tips that are helpful for hijabi globetrotters.

Tip 4: Plan ahead places to visit on your own

Plan Early: I pretty much know exactly what I am doing and where I will be at all times. It saves me a headache and allows me to have more time to enjoy my trip.

Budget Plan: Know your budget and save up for your travel before you go.

Travel Insurance: You may think that you do not need any travel insurance. I encourage you to think again as it will give you more confidence and peace of mind.

Tip 5: Plan your safety first

Do Not Get Scared, Get Help: You may be scared of traveling alone. However, you can easily avoid such fears. Ask for recommendations and tips for traveling alone from travel groups, bloggers, loved ones, etc.

Know Your Driver: It is better to use a driver for instance that someone knows of rather than a random one you found online.

Know Your Vehicle: Always take a picture of any transportation you use, the type of vehicle and license plate and even a picture of the driver and their name and send it to a loved one and even let the driver see you do that.

Use Tracking Apps: There are free apps out there also that allow loved ones to know where you are at all times such as “Find My” on iPhones. Get out of your comfort zone if you feel safe and interact with others.

Listen to Your Inner Voice: Always listen to your gut feeling of course and be cautious especially for the help offered that you never asked for.

Use Day Light Wisely: Be mindful at all times and do as much as possible during daylight.

Tip 6: Go anywhere prepared to take good single pictures

Take Pictures: You will need to take plenty of pictures.

Selfie is Old: It may sound difficult to take good pictures while you travel alone even if selfie was an option. We, women, do not like selfies anymore.

Carry Tripod: So, what you need to do is to carry a tripod or ask others to take pictures of you if you feel like they will not run away with it!

Ask Help: I often use a tripod when needed, however, the majority of the times, I just ask others. I have never had an issue with people who I requested taking my photos. I show them exactly how I want it and they are often friendly and willing to help. At times, I have others retake it if it is not done the way I want it.

Use a Phone with Quality Camera: I use my iPhone X to take all my pictures and it works perfectly!

Tip 7: Inform your family and friends about your next move

Share Your Place on Social Media: Post where are you going next on Social Media, so your friends know where you are at the last.

Inform Your Loved Ones: Communicate with loved ones daily even if it’s you just posting on social media. If I am going somewhere that I am not 100% comfortable with (like a taxi), I always tell a loved one, if you don’t hear me from by such and such, get help! Hey, better safe than sorry.

Tip 8: Get key tools for your solo travel

Use Google Maps Offline: Download places you want to go to in advance on Google maps if you plan to do things more on your own vs hiring a driver or tour, etc. Either way though, it’s probably a good idea to download some apps like Google.

Get a Travel Planner App: Travel planners so you have an idea where you are going and such.

Use a Language Translator: Get an app to translate languages such as Google translator; it will come handy! Familiarize yourself with common words in that country such as where is such and such, thank you, please, what is your name, my name is, etc.

Tip 9: Ask Questions

If you have questions at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on the comments.


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