12 Tips for Traveling or Planning A Holiday During Ramadan

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

“If you’re someone who’s planning to travel either for work or for leisure, here are some tips for traveling during Ramadan.”

With the ongoing worldwide Coronavirus crisis, planning a holiday is the last thing on people’s minds. While some countries are still imposing strict travel restrictions, others have started easing them little by little. In countries where domestic and international travel is still on, flight fares have drastically either dropped or multiplied.

For brave-hearted wanderlusters, even if it’s not the ideal time, there is still an opportunity to travel in a minimum budget during these times; with precautions of course!

Ramadan used to be a slow month for the Halal travel industry, as the majority of Muslims don’t usually prefer to plan vacations during this holy month. However, the ones who did anyway opted for peaceful destinations and getaways to relax.

So if you’re someone who’s planning to travel either for work or for leisure, here are some tips for traveling during Ramadan.

1. Choose a Muslim Country to Visit

If not traveling for work, pick a country where it is easier to find halal food and to explain your special needs for praying and fasting.

We would all agree on the fact that traveling becomes a lot more pleasurable when you don’t have to worry about “accidentally eating non-halal food” or finding a Muslim-friendly toilet.

So if you have decided on utilizing your Ramadan holidays for travel, then choosing a Muslim country is the first thing you should be planning for.

2. Pick a Peaceful Place

If you wish to travel during Ramadan for leisure, then pick a place where you can relax and enjoy nature more, and wander less. Camping and glamping at nature parks is an excellent idea for spending your Ramadan holiday.

Just pack some basic supplies for Suhoor and Iftar, your prayer mat to pray under the stars, and unwind in the natural surroundings, appreciating Allah’s beautiful creations.

3. Plan a Relaxing Holiday

Because most of the tourist attractions are closed during specific hours during Ramadan in Muslim countries, aim for a comforting vacation experience rather than a tiring one.

Also, try not to drain your energy loitering around aimlessly. Traveling during a fast can be exhausting physically and mentally. Therefore, stay at a place that is accessible to all those places on your bucket list, and try to visit them at a “slower than usual” pace.

4. Request Special Meals

If staying at a non-Muslim hotel, don’t hesitate to request special meal setups for your Iftar and Suhoor. They might not go out of the way to set up a buffet for you but will definitely arrange something if notified in advance.

5. Carry Your Own Travel Prayer Mat

Missing prayer just because you’re in the middle of your leisure trip isn’t justified at all. Wherever you are, just take small breaks for Salat during the trip.

Two helpful items you should carry that can make wudu and praying easy, no matter where you are, are: a travel prayer mat, a water bottle for Wudu and a bidet spray bottle.

6. Download Qibla Direction & Prayer Timings App

Now going to a new country and keeping track of prayer timings, and time in general is nearly impossible due to jet lag and many other reasons.

Download any Salat mobile app that can notify you of prayer timings and Qibla direction for minimizing your chances of missing prayer. My favorite app for this purpose is “Qibla Connect”, however, there are many others too.

7. Check the Country’s Pattern of Closing Down

Some countries shut down restaurants and malls for the first few days of Ramadan to pray, and prepare for the busy Eid season. Call your hotel and tour services to confirm their schedules before planning your days.

8. Make Bookings Ahead

Bookings for tours during Ramadan and Iftar buffets at restaurants can be very unpredictable. Make sure you schedule and book everything ahead of time.

9. Don’t Plan Tiring Itineraries

For a lot of Muslims, traveling during Ramadan is an improbable idea. But on the other hand, some see it as an opportunity of utilizing time off, by doing what they love, i.e. travel. Whether you’re traveling during Ramadan for work, or for leisure, just don’t forget to save time and energy for praying in the blessed nights.

10. Check for Ramadan Special Attractions in the Area

Some Muslim countries such as Turkey and Morocco celebrate Ramadan as a month-long festival itself. There are special night bazaars, Ramadan sales and attractions for tourists that you may not find in any other season. So don’t forget to enjoy it!

11. Pick a Hotel That Is Close to a Nice Mosque

If visiting a Muslim county, try to pick a peaceful neighborhood for staying; where you can experience Ramadan rituals and culture of the country to the fullest. Breaking fast and offering Tarawih prayers with the locals once would be a unique holiday experietnce on its own.

12. Carry Snacks and Water with Yourself

And last, but not the least tip for traveling during Ramadan is to carry water and some snacks for unpredictable long tours. In case you’re stuck on the road during Iftar time, you will have something to break your fast without panicking.

We hope you enjoyed these little tips for traveling during Ramadan

Stay safe, Ramadan Kareem, and happy planning!

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