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Following our parent company's footsteps, Battuta is a quarterly publication whose mission is to inspire and empower our readers. Battuta has evolved to serve as a platform for collaboration, both in the travel industry and beyond. Destinations, Cuisine, Fashion, Business, and of course, mysteries of the past and present constitute Battuta. 


Battuta, your pocket-friendly e-magazine, is tailor-made for you. We understand your needs better, and we strive to be the best read of today and every day. With stories that inspire, we help build smiles and put a spotlight on those reaching for the stars. Travel, architecture, fashion, influencers, health, business, all in one. Battuta is more than just a magazine; it is a halal lifestyle!

7.Dec 2021


We aim to inspire, and this issue of battuta takes us back to some of the unique gems of Islam: the importance of knowledge and good relationships with our neighbors and the community at large. Featuring pioneers from the past and present and traveling through the pristine natural beauty of Africa makes this issue special.

5. June 2021.jpg


It is an honor to share the fourth issue of our halal travel e-magazine, battuta, on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan. It all began with an idea to inspire people to travel and discover our world and its worldwide reception has left us more motivated to present more inspiring insights and stories

3. Jan 2021.jpg


Welcome to the second issue of battuta, a Halal Travel Magazine. In this issue, we are featuring a safe destination that has opened its borders for travelers after taking necessary measures to ensure a safe and sound travel experience. Turkey with its natural and historic landmarks, turquoise beaches, endless greenery, and delicious cuisine is waiting for you.

1. May 2020.jpg


Battuta presents the very best of the Muslim world in different categories: Architecture, Destination, Fashion, Influencers, Pioneers, Professionals, and Visionaries. Articles of hope and inspiration that are worth sharing!



We are presenting our first-anniversary issue, which also happens to be our fifth issue. What a journey it has been! Staying true to our roots of inspiring Muslims to travel and discover the world without compromising their religious values, and at the same time serving as a diverse platform that features Modest Fashion, Halal Food/Cuisine, Visionaries, and Scholars. It is getting more exciting, and we want you to accompany us on our continuing journey insha’Allah.

4. Apr 2021.jpg


We are pleased and honored to share with you the release of the third issue of our halal travel e-magazine, battuta. Since its inception in May 2020, the battuta has become the favorite of Muslim travelers from all around the world. Battuta was born as a result of our efforts toward creating a platform where Muslim travelers could raise their voice, share their experiences, and feel connected with one another. We will continue to work hard to bring you the best inspiring travel content. Please join us to celebrate this journey by sharing your favorite thing about our beloved halal travel e-magazine, battuta.

2. Oct 2020.jpg


battuta is a halal travel magazine, released by battuta is hoping to be the source and the voice for the Muslim travel enthusiasts, key players in the halal tourism industry, and Muslim influencers. battuta magazine was named after Ibn Battuta, the greatest traveler in Islamic history.