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Our itineraries section makes vacation planning so much easier. Having a fantastic experience mapped out, especially for Muslim travelers, reduces the element of uncertainty that goes along with traveling.

Image by Kyriacos Georgiou


Marrakesh nicknamed the ‘red city”, home to the snake charmers, was the perfect start to our road trip into the ever-mesmerizing Sahara Desert. Just a 3-hour flight away from London...


Macedonia nestles at the edge of the Balkan peninsula. Made up of around 11 countries, the Balkan region is home to places steeped in history, and surrounded by breath-taking nature.

Image by Milana Jovanov
Image by Nicolas J Leclercq


The island nation of Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean has been a long-time dream destination for many due to its other-worldly landscape...

Dallas, Texas

This destination does not include pristine beaches or breath-taking mountain views. Neither is it a place where you will be secluded in a tropical rainforest. Instead, it’s a big city, with hectic highways, busy intersections, and numerous suburbs that can be distant from each other. This destination is Dallas, Texas...

Image by Joshua Case

Flores Island, Indonesia

If one were to mention Bali, most people would say that this well-known destination in Indonesia is on their bucket list.

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