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How can I contribute to battuta magazine or battuta blog? 

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the form by clicking here. We will contact you soon. 

What kind of topics are featured on your platforms?

Battuta magazine and battuta blog cover a variety of topics related to Muslim friendly travel. Topics can range from destination itineraries to destination-based food recommendations. We also value the experiences of Muslim travelers and invite you to share your own experiences while traveling. Our readers also appreciate travel tips about how to pack wisely or what to consider when traveling with children.

Can anyone contribute to your platforms?

Once you fill out the form, a member from the editorial team will contact you and discuss further details. If agreed, you will prepare the first draft for your piece.

Do you publish advertisements in Battuta magazine? 

Yes, as long as it is relevant to our readers and in line with what battuta magazine aims to accomplish. Please contact our PR department at

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